Specialized and Functional Tests

Integrative Functional Medicine

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Evaluating organ and systems functions rather than looking for a specific disease is a basic principle of Functional Medicine. Practitioners use specialized assessment tools to look at the functioning status of your cells, organs, and biological systems.  These tests complement standard testing protocols and can often detect underlying imbalances, including disease tendencies, earlier than standard testing.

Functional tests may examine blood, hair, stool, urine, or saliva.  Testing procedures check nutritional status, digestive function, allergies, cardiovascular function, detoxification ability, and more.  Dr. Hollander believes this approach provides the best information for predictive and preventive health care, as well as supporting achievement of optimum health.

Available Tests Include:

  • Nutritional Assessments
  • Digestive Analysis
  • Advanced testing for osteoporosis development
  • Neurotransmitter assessment
  • Advanced cardiovascular profile
  • Heavy metal and toxicity analysis
  • Hair mineral analysis
  • Alcat (Food Allergy Testing)
  • Cyrex Labs (Food Allergy & Immunological Testing)
  • Salivary Hormone Testing