To find the underlying cause of any illness is one of the main challenges of any healing practice.  In the ongoing quest to guide and promote healing in the deepest sense, it is apparent that there is more to health then balancing hormones, biochemistry, adjusting the spine, etc. 

In physical medicine we measure using labs, scans, EMG's, etc., and use diet, nutrition, herbs, exercise, medications, etc.   However, there are circumstances in which the tests and numbers are at acceptable levels but one still does not feel well; therefore, there must be another aspect which we have difficulty recognizing and thus addressing.  To this situation the term "psychosomatic" is often applied: one is told that it is not real but in their head.  The issue is often addressed with medication, which in reality, will only alter one's perception or mood. Functional medicine understands the term "psychosomatic" in an entirely different way (see sidebar).

Rubimed Therapy measures your energetic state on the mental, physical and emotional levels.   Like an "energetic blood-pressure measuring" device, it offers a systematic approach using applied kinesiology testing and the Reba device to determine the active emotional conflict and appropriate remedies for its resolution.  With use of simple homeopathic drops, one can resolve energetic conflicts bringing the psyche (mind), soma (body), and energetics (subtle energies) into a whole and improve health.

Below is the link to a video of the creator of this remarkable healing tool giving a clear and simple explanation of the process:

Psychosomatic Dis-ease

The ancient Greeks called the soul the "psyche" and the body the "soma".   In their thinking, "psychosomatic dis-eases" actually referred to a disconnection or blockage of energy between the mind and the body from unresolved conflicts.  These blocks have long been known to be causative factors in disease by hindering the full flow of energy through the body.  Psychosomatic Energetic (PSE) theory is based on the knowledge that a harmonious and free flowing energy is important for health. 

Applied Kinesiology
According to the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK),  Applied Kinesiology (AK)  is a non-invasive system that evaluates structural, bio-chemical and mental aspects of body function using manual muscle testing in order to identify the basic underlying cause of a patient´s dis-ease. 

Rubimed Therapy

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